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The Secret They Do Not Want You To Know About

What The Saavy and Wealthy Use Rather than CD’s , Money Markets, Savings Accounts , Bonds Annuities and more. Do not let your money go stale!

You CANNOT pass annuity gains or CD  income tax free to children or grandchildren.</strong>

With this you can !

Annuities provide recapture of stock market losses or other losses.

Gloria had $300,000 in stock mutual funds. She lost $100,000 (33%) during a bear market. Due to fear of even further losses, she got out of the funds and put that $200,000 in a 1.15% CD. Heirs are now out $100,000. It will take 47 years for that money to grow back to $300,000 in the CD (in a 25% tax bracket.

Gloria </strong> puts $200,000 into this product and IMMEDIATELY gets (depending upon age) $300,000 of income tax free death benefit thus replacing the loss!


According to a recent LIMRA study nearly 85% of annuity owners pass away and never touch those funds



He only needs to deposit about $93,000 (depending upon age) into this product to provide the same $150,000 to his grandchildren!

That’s a savings of  over $50,000 ! Plenty to take the trip of his dreams!

An annuity or cd or savings could never do that!

If Joe uses has $20,000, his  investment turns into $35,448 immediately.If Joe left his money in the CD, which was currently paying 1.0%, it would take him 58 years to accumulate the same benefit. Benefits are income tax free. In a non-qualified CD the earnings are taxable each year as income By shifting the money from the CD he reduce their tax liability.In Joe’s example, the $20,000 allow him to leave each of his three children a tax-free benefit of $11,816 each.

Death benefit can be passed on tax-free. This is the biggest benefit afforded . In addition, this benefit will go to an individual’s heirs without having to go through probate which is a huge advantage to those with larger estates. Allows access to a portion of the death benefit<. This may be possible holder is suffering from terminal illness.

Constant and stable growth . This is because of the fixed interest rate attached to the policy.
Money in the policy is tax-free Which is possible when it is not withdrawn from the policy.

MOVE UNNEEDED SAVINGS :With rates being what they have been over the past few years, many of my clients have been interested in repositioning assets to gain greater return, avoid taxes on funds they don’t use, and immediately and substantially increasing their estate. By the way, there are also substantial benefits in the case of serious illness or the need for extra assistance,



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