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Best Fixed Indexed Annuity
Looking for the principal protection found in fixed income options, while still maintaining the potential for additional interest credit, you may benefit from a fixed index annuity. A fixed index annuity, commonly referred to as an FIA, works in any type of market. Whether up, down, or flat, an FIA provides the protection of principal found with a traditional fixed annuity along with the potential for additional interest credit linked, in part, to the performance of a market index. Fixed Indexed Annuity are popular and getting more popular for a reason.

Do you want what Ben Bernanke has his money in? Would you agree he knows a “little” about where to put money? Remember him? The head of the Federal Reserve. How about Babe Ruth, he had these too!

  We are here to help you , We can eliminate Stock Market  Losses and create tax free returns and income for you. You can make money, earn stock market returns and have them free from current income taxes, all without risking a single dollar of principal. We teach you what the wealthy are doing to legally avoid current taxes while keeping their savings from risk and getting great returns.

You might say well what about just putting my money in a  mutual fund? I do not mind paying all those taxes. Well let us take a look at that. This might shock you.


Year Money %Up, %Down Cash Value

1 $10,000 → 100% → $20,000

2 $20,000 →LOSE (50%) = $10,000

3 $10,000 GAIN 100% =$20,000

4 $20,000 LOSE  (50%) = $10,000 ↓ ↓

THEY TELL YOU 25% AVG RETURN But… (0) Gain On Your Money !!!

What you are seeing is not an illusion it is the AVERAGE Return vs. ACTUAL Return comparison. The ”return” you are told and what you think is one thing, and what you see in your account, the “real” return is another thing. The REAL return is what is important to you, it is in dollars and cents.

SO Yes, that is right, ZERO is the real return! Yet, these financial companies can advertise a 25% average return. You make up your mind on how you feel about this system, we have, and feel it is stacked against the majority, because the majority do not know this.

The GOOD news is, you are here, and we can change that. So get started, a Indexed Annuity is used by many for a reason.

Solutions/Results If Qualify:

  •   Increase value  of money sitting in a CD or savings account for the kids or grandkids.
  •   Increase value and get a tax-efficient way to leave Annuity money behind.
  •  Increase value of Old Universal Life that is losing value and have no future payments.
  • Increase value of savings account with a set amount of cash to pay for their funeral and other final expenses
  • In addition to the immediate increase in your estate you will also get the security of living benefits
  • You get to put money in and draw money out without having to pay immediate taxes on it.

If you do not want to deal with the fluctuating market and big potential losses on a downturn and you  want a secure income stream that will not have that level of risk, the fixed annuity is a great option

You deserve a free consultation, contact us talk to an experienced rep, we make it easy, we keep it simple no complicated products and we care. Inquire Today


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