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Annuity Conversions and More

  • Convert Your Annuity to a Tax Deferred Vehicle
  •  Increase the Value 40% or more IF you Qualify
  • Do Better For Your Annuity Beneficiary

Inquire to Find Out, Simple Process. We Are Here to Help!


  •  A superior product to IRAs, annuities, CDs, and other strategies.
  • High yield, Tax-Deferred Interest Accrues
  • The interest borrowed is tax-deferred

Do Better For Your Annuity Beneficiary

Setting aside a bank CD, annuity or savings account for your burial?

Have Funds that have been earmarked for the purpose of transferring wealth to beneficiaries ?  Yes ?

Solution : Substantially increase your estate being passed on to  heirs in a tax efficient manner.

A secure solution for people and seniors who want to reallocate a portion of their invested cash assets not needed for daily living such as Annuities, CD’s and Money Market funds.

Are you someone who has non-qualified annuities and qualified funds that they want to pass onto their heirs in an easier and more tax-efficient manner.?

Solutions/Results If Qualify:

  •   Increase value  of money sitting in a CD or savings account for the kids or grandkids.
  •   Increase value and get a tax-efficient way to leave Annuity money behind.
  •  Increase value of Old Universal Life that is losing value and have no future payments.
  • Increase value of savings account with a set amount of cash to pay for their funeral and other final expenses
  • In addition to the immediate increase in your estate you will also get the security of living benefits
  • You get to put money in and draw money out without having to pay immediate taxes on it.
**If you healthy and can qualify

We Have The Best Options, We Work For You!


**If you healthy and can qualify

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